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Massage in Napa Valley

Voted Best Massage Services in Napa by North Bay Bohemian

Whether you are on vacation or need to relax, book a massage in Napa Valley for an experience you won't forget. From the moment you arrive at our spa in Napa, the ambiance will have you letting go of the outside world.

Relaxing Massage Napa

Having a massage in Napa at St. Pierre Massage and Spa allows you to relax with an expert's rhythmic and relaxing touch. The best massage in Napa starts with a warm neck bolster, warm steamy towels, and an extra wide heated massage table with memory foam. Restore balance to mind and body with our relaxing massage in Napa. Contact St. Pierre Massage and Spa for an unforgettable deep tissue massage, couples massage, Swedish massage, or other relaxing spa treatment.

Relaxing Massage

Couples Massage

Couples Massage Napa Valley

If you are looking for the perfect couples massage, you may Choose any massage in the company of each other and let the romance begin. Double the individual cost for our couples massage.

Massage in Napa Valley

Relaxing Swedish
Deep Tissue
Warm Stone
30 min: $79
60 min: $119
75 min: $149
90 min. $169

Special Treats to be Added to Your Massage

Aromatherapy $10
Choose from a seasonal selection of eco-certified organic essential oils to be added to your massage oil during your massage.

Foot Scrub $10
We will begin with a warm cleanser, exfoliate with dead sea mineral salts, wrap in warm steamy towels, and massage with a hydrating body butter.

Deep Muscle Therapy to Area of your choice $10
Using both an analgesic sports gel with warm steamy towels will create a deep muscle therapy on the area of your choice. 

Immunity Boost Dry Brush $15
A gentle dry brushing with a warm towel compress is a perfect way to prepare for your massage.
(Contains tea tree, lavender, and eucalyptus) (Includes brush for home maintenance)

Add any of these pampering treats to your massage in Napa, which is done in the massage time.

Visit St. Pierre Massage and Spa and experience our day spa Napa Valley and relax your mind and body.  We also offer Napa Spa gift certificates, so you can give the gift of a relaxing experience from St. Pierre Massage and Spa. 

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